Child Labour Policy


Policy Prohibiting Child Labour

Ref # 2018HR-01

The foundation of Green Energy Asia ‘No Child Labour Policy’ is based on the Company’s commitment to find practical, meaningful and culturally appropriate responses to support the elimination of such labour practices. It has been formulated in consideration of the Malaysia Employment Act 1955. It endorses the need for appropriate initiatives to progressively eliminate these abuses.

Green Energy Asia prohibits the use of child labour and forced or compulsory labour in all its units.

We shall adopt strict compliance with all relevant local and international laws and standards in respect to child labour

We do not employ any person below the age of twenty one years at the workplace.

We do not engage any child labour on site and in our supply chain.

A system of checking and maintaining records of workers at the time of employment, to determine proof of age is in place and monitored on a regular basis.

Mechanisms are in place to create awareness and challenges about child rights and the prohibition of child labour, and to communicate the issues/development/challenges to the entire supply chain and the community.

No employee is made to work against his/her will or work as bonded/forced labour,or be subject to corporal punishment or coercion of any type related to work.

This policy is publicly available throughout the Company and is clearly communicated to all employees in a manner which it can be understood through induction programmes and policy manuals.

There is a zero-tolerance policy towards its breach.

Employment contracts and other records, documenting all relevant details of the employees,including age, are maintained at all units and are open to verification by any authorized personnel or relevant statutory body.

Monitoring & Audit:
Periodic assessment is conducted. Management team undertakes random checks of recordsannually.