What We Do

UCO Management Awareness

Why Is It

To Recycle Your UCO?

Repeatedly use of cooking oil will deteriorated its nutrition

UCO > Used Cooking Oil is only safe

Formation of nutritionally undesirable products i.e.: mutagen that cause cancer.

The Detrimental

Health Effect

Cardiovascular Disease
Colorectal cancer (CRC)

Evaluation of the deleterious health effects of consumption of
repeatedly heated vegetable oil.

Why you must not dispose your UCO without proper procedure?

Hot water cools down in pipes causing fats and grease to coagulate. Detergents that claim to dissolve grease may cause blockages further down the pipeline. So never, ever dump cooking oil in your kitchen sink or toilet bowl.

Avoid unregistered & unlicensed UCO collector company or agency

These are the consequence of choosing them.

Profit Over People
Re-treat Cooking Oil
Sell For Livestock Food