About Green Energy Asia
Biofuel Resources (GEA)

GEA and Biovisma Sdn Bhd (Biovisma) both which is incorporated in Malaysia, has been working on an international level, we believe in teamwork and joint effort. As at today we are operating a network of partnership offices across several countries especially in Asia for used cooking oil (UCO) collection and other waste-based feedstock for biofuel production.

We Are Passionate

about energy sources and constantly working to find better ways in keeping our environment clean and reduce pollution for better tomorrow. Our primary role is manage the waste oil ethically towards environmental sustainability. We always place importance to ethical practice, and this always comes before profit.

Behaving Ethically

is the responsibility of everyone and every day in our daily work and this give you assurance that all our used cooking oil (UCO) collected is solely used for purpose of sustainable biofuel production. The used cooking oil (UCO) collected will not be used to recycle back to food chain which is harmful to human health.

Our Vision

The future is an illusion; the past is a memory. Hold on to the goodness that is in our heart at this present moment and take care to fulfil the duties that we need to do to protect our earth from further pollution.

Our Mission

GEA and Biovisma primary mission is to create awareness on the environmental protection especially on used cooking oil (UCO) management. Failing which could cause catastrophic impact towards the environment and human health if do not manage in an ethical and wise manner. We always emphasize on treasure resources and practice recycling at source so that we can leave a beautiful and green living environment for our future generations.

Our Core Values


The future is an illusion; the past is a memory. Hold on to the goodness that is in our heart at this present moment and take care by adopting transparent and ethical behavior that contributes to sustainable development to protect our earth from further pollution. 


We are committed to the timely and transparent exchange of information and ideas, encourage respectful interaction through listening, understanding, and assumption of positive intent with stakeholders and public.


Do right thing in any circumstance,, we value honesty, transparency and commitment to doing what is best for our stakeholders, public, social environment as well as company


We Care ! We Love ! We Address ! We Give Back !


Always deliver with excellence. Show commitment and high standards of performance and professionalism at all times.

Our Work Value

Team Work

Creating sense of ownership, empowerment and commitment to work.


Awareness towards saving mother nature from pollution and educate others on the importance.


Having the right principle and state of mind in work and educating the society.


Being kind towards the society by giving back to them through charity works.

Why You Need To

Choose Us

Green Energy Asia Biofuel Resource (PG0526926-H) (GEA), authorized by Biovisma Sdb Bhd (1321410) provide a professional and ethical solution in disposing UCO for residents and businesses which using cooking oil as their daily material/ingredients.

GEA is certified by International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) from Europe which we are obligated to dispose UCO ethically and properly. In the effort to sustain the environment, we have delivered UCO to Biodiesel factory namely in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia Palm Oil Berhad (MPOB) to sell, buy, store and export palm oil product and waste. Therefore, we are genuine, ideal, and ethical solution for UCO disposal.

More Reason To Trust GEA

In line with our company values to implement activities ethically and gaining our client trust to conduct business with us, we have registered our company for certification and license with International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) and Malaysia Palm Oil Berhad (MPOB)

We always place importance to ethical practise, and this always comes before profit. Behaving ethically is the responsibility of everyone and every day in our corporate culture.

Green Energy Asia prohibits the use of child labour and forced or compulsory labour in all its units. We shall adopt strict compliance with all relevant local and international laws and standards in respect to child labour.