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GEA primary mission is to create awareness on the environmental protection especially on used cooking oil (UCO) management. Failing which could cause catastrophic impact towards the environment and health if do not manage in an ethical and wise manner.

Failing of recycling in an ethical and wise manner could cause……and health



Uco Collection Coverage



We Aim To Cover Nationwide

UCO Collection

Collecting UCO professially and ethically with an appropriate and certified instrument and ensure the safaty and cleanliness of the process throughout to protect the vendor’s images and branding.

Recycle Process

Believe it or not, used cooking oil can be turned into biodiesel. It is a desirable substitute for petroleum because it is less damaging to the environment and emits less harmful greenhouse gases when turned into fuel for tractors, motorcycless, and more.

While you personally may not have enough used cooking oil to do this, cantacting your local restaurants to see is they participate in this awesome method of recycling is a great way to get rid of your used cooking oil and save the world at the same time.

Share this to your friend, family and business partner to ensure Used Cooking Oil can be recycled in a correct way that could save the environment.

GEA sells UCO to
Biodiesel Producer Globally

What Is Biodiesel

How Does Biodiesel Benefit Environment?

UCO Management Awareness

Spreading awareness to the public through marketing interview on the topic disposing UCO ethically by introducing our vendor as an exemplary.

Disposing Of UCO

The best method is by feeding it into Biodiesel factory to be converted into a sustainable and eco-friendly source of energy which reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emission.

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Our CSR Program

In GEA, we are not only about the environment. We concern about the society as well. We are in constant reaching out to those in need for us to live in harmonically especially during this post pandemic time. You can join us in contribution collectively have a huge impact and regardless of the size of individual contribution, it will make a difference.