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Sustainable Energy: UTP PhD Candidates’ Journey at GEA Warehouse


The visit on March 14, 2024, by delegates from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) to the Green Energy Asia Warehouse was a fruitful endeavour aimed at gaining insights into sustainable energy practices, particularly focusing on the process of producing feedstock for Biofuel from Used Cooking Oil (UCO). Delegates from UTP headed by Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Ayoub and Lecturer Dr. Chai Yee Ho and accompanied by Miss Yon Norasyikin binti Samsudin and Miss Stiti Aminah binti Mohd Johari from the Department of Chemical Engineering engaged actively throughout the visit.

GEA provided an overview of its operations and commitment to sustainability, emphasising its mission to promote environmentally friendly practices in the energy sector. Dr. Muhammad Ayoub and Dr. Chai Yee Ho facilitated discussions on GEA’s efforts to optimise efficiency and minimise environmental impact, highlighting technological innovations employed for sustainability. A question and answer session further enriched the exchange, where both parties delved into GEA’s business model, regulatory challenges, and future expansion plans.

As a gesture of appreciation, GEA presented UTP delegates with a souvenir, encouraging their continued pursuit of knowledge in sustainable energy. The visit provided valuable insights and learning opportunities, concluding on a positive note with expressions of interest in future collaborations and knowledge-sharing initiatives between UTP and GEA.

This visit underscored the vital role of fostering innovation and advancing sustainability in the energy sector. GEA’s dedication to fostering dialogue and collaboration with educational institutions exemplifies a commendable approach toward promoting sustainable energy practices worldwide.

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