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GEA Inspires Environmental Consciousness at Majlis Anugerah Dan Karnival KOHEM SMK Raja Chulan

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Ipoh, 9th December 2023 – Green Energy Asia (GEA) played a prominent role at the Majlis Anugerah Dan Karnival KOHEM SMK Raja Chulan, hosted on Saturday, December 9, 2023, at Dewan Sir Chulan, SMK Raja Chulan Ipoh. The event, featuring sports competitions and exhibitions, aimed to engage students while promoting awareness of vital societal issues.

The carnival showcased active participation from students in various sports competitions, fostering camaraderie and healthy competition. Simultaneously, government agencies like Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM), Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan (AADK), E-Waste, and the Ministry of Health offered valuable insights through their respective exhibitions.

Among the notable exhibitors, Green Energy Asia (GEA) took the opportunity to educate students, teachers, and parents on proper cooking oil usage and ethical disposal of used cooking oil (UCO). The exhibition highlighted GEA’s cutting-edge technologies, illustrating the transformation of UCO into biodiesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Visitors gained firsthand insights into the innovative processes behind responsible waste management, emphasizing the pivotal role individuals play in creating a sustainable future through daily practices. GEA’s presence successfully disseminated crucial information on the significance of responsible waste disposal, contributing to a more eco-conscious society.

In recognition of SMK Raja Chulan’s commitment to environmental awareness, a certificate of appreciation was presented to the school’s principal, Tuan Haji Jamil Bin Dayan. The certificate acknowledged the school’s efforts in promoting the importance of recycling used cooking oil, reflecting SMK Raja Chulan’s dedication to instilling eco-conscious values among its students.

The Majlis Anugerah Dan Karnival KOHEM SMK Raja Chulan, enriched by GEA’s impactful exhibition, stands as a commendable example of how collaborative efforts between educational institutions and environmentally conscious organizations can shape an eco-friendlier society. The event not only showcased the achievements of the school but also inspired a collective responsibility towards environmental stewardship among the students and the community at large.

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